Tuesday, July 29, 2008

dongle, schlongle

i've just realized that my last post was more than a month ago? well, that's not entirely my fault. My Internet connection died. Yes, the kasapa "dongle" has finally passed away after 2 years of great service. i would frame it up and write a tribute to it, but it packed up when i was sending a really urgent email and so after fruitlessly trying to revive it and having to unnecessarily restart my computer... i broke the dongle and flung it's shrivelled pieces at the wall. Ahem... yes.

Anyways, point is i've been off the net; only briefly getting on it thru borrowed sources, like the college where i was taking a short course, or my friends' offices. i guess sheer frustration has pushed me into finally getting a permanent 24our internet connection at home. More of a necessity these days than a luxury innit? so, indeed, i have done so and am now speeding down the information super-highway... well maybe more like sputtering down the information dirt road at this rate... but who cares, it works! at least so far, so good!

so the good news is i'm back and unfortunately, so is this blog. And now i leave you with a question: who names anything "dongle"? i mean Dongle!