Saturday, September 22, 2012


I really like this. And if you think about how much time went into the editing, you can't even hate. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple doesn't care.

The iPhone5 is out, and everyone has an opinion. Even you. Many have taken royal pisses at it. But hate it or love it, it sure got your attention. Probably still does - and that's all it really needs. 

Regardless of the taunting most notably from Samsung and Nokia (or some really huge fans of theirs) who released ads that stack up specs and attempt to portray theirs as the better phone, it seems the guys at Apple cant be bothered. And for good reason.

There's this theory in marketing, that if a challenger brand can get the market leading brand to notice it enough that the market leader feels the need to retaliate or defend themselves, then the audience considers the challenger brand as the market leader's equal.

Apple doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, maybe in the 80s they did, but not now. And surely not to you and your list of stacked specs. Here are guys who don't do consumer research, remember? They decide what you need - like hawkers in Lagos - and it turns out they're getting better at it, because the pre-orders are being made and come the 21st, the lines shall form. Profits will be made. 

So, now i wonder: what if we decided as individuals to not need to prove anything to anyone? What if we just plowed on, totally confident in ourselves and abilities? What if we all just decided to.. how do i put this eloquently... F***k the haters? It seems once again Apple is showing us the way. 

Siri, how do i f**k the haters?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Fear.

Nothing that ever changed the world happened in a comfort zone. Even Newton took a risk by sitting under the apple tree on a windy day. Risk fascinates us. It lures us. But we fear it.

Mafia capos have such a reputation because they take risks everyday that present life threatening hazards. But it's their seeming immunity to the fear of retribution that comes along with it that we eulogize. "What the worst could happen? i could get whacked... it's a possibility, but i'm okay wth that." And once you're okay with that, nothing else seems really threatening.

Many of us long to be equally brave and in control of our own destinies. But we're stranded by fear. Nothing as profound as death. No. Things more important. Like... the fear of losing the monthly salary, for example. The fear of what society thinks - and sometimes society consists of your boys and the girl you're dating), and of course the fear of failure. And those are just a few of many. So we stay in our comfort zones too scared to move.

But like a baby that lets go of her walker for the first time, could mastering our fear be the key to discovering our purest potential? I don't know. But i'm certain comfort zones kill. Even yours.

You okay with that?