Thursday, January 15, 2009

Way to go!

Something interesting happened this morning. I've just installed a new GT eazypayfone, which came as part of my broadband subscription, so i decided to top it up with some credit. Having never done this before, i figured it would be quite a simple task. However anytime i entered the digits, i got an error stating the card was invalid.

Quite naturally after 3 tries i was getting quite ticked off, so i called the GT toll free number, geared up to properly rant, but a funny thing happened. The most pleasant voice picked up the Phone. She was almost too pleasant. Our conversation was scattered with"Please hold on while i sort it out for you, i'm so sorry about that,  kindly accept my apologies... please enjoy the rest of your day" 

Needless to say i was... utterly bewildered and pleasantly confused. All my anger and frustration just sort of wafted away as i held on till she sorted out my problem. then she comes back, cheerfully announces it's been fixed, it will never happen again and goes on to inquire whether i had any more problems. In my head i was like are u serious? 

when did these guys get this cheerful? i still remember her name, it was Sandra. One day i'm going to find sandra, and give her a proper thank you for brightening my day. if this is some new strategy being employed at GT i wholly commend them for it especially here where customer service is a non-existent theory in many organizations and services and is more aptly described as them doing us a favour. It's funny how a smile and pleasant voice can go a long way to soothe bad tempered customers. But thanks to Sandra and whoever is responsible for getting her to act the way she did, there's been nothing for me to rant about today.  

We'll see what tomorrow brings. the iRant blog is officially back. Pleasant reading.