Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did you see it coming?

I wonder whether you knew? Did the doctors tell you? Were you aware how long you had left? Did you decide to keep going regardless? We will never know. But we will never forget. 

Sometimes i didnt think you really fit in. i found you too calm, too quiet. Very unlike the politicians we are used to. I wondered whether this was a game you should be playing. But you did.

Sometimes i wonder whether you were under pressure. Whether the people around you allowed you to be the President you wanted to be. But it is what it is.

We can only hope that those who come after you will love this nation and hold her interests as closely to their hearts as you did.

i do not know why you didnt resign and rest. Put your health first. Decide to place your interests first. But whatever reasons you have, i hope the ride was worth it.

You gave this nation your dying breath and for that nobody will ever be able to deny your dedication. You were a gentleman and you stayed true to your nature till the very end.

RIP sir. it's finally over.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Another customer service cow.

Dear JM, the woman who answers your phone is a cow. Let's just get that out of the way.

On Wednesday, i sent my car to Japan Motors in Tema to get the windscreen replaced. This customer service lady said it'd be ready the next day. On thursday afternoon, she casually informs me that they realized they didnt have windscreens to put on the car so they had to get one from the Accra office. By the time it came it was 4pm and "we had closed". On friday she says it'll be ready by midday. Meanwhile she is unable to give me a bill before midday. Cool.

At 3pm she calls me to say the estimated price has shot up by over 50% percent. Why? "It's not our fault. The dollar." I'm not even mad because i know i'm getting my car back that evening. She says i should send someone to pick up the car and hurry up because they will close soon. Now i'm the one holding the process back? Cool. I send someone over to go and pick up the car in tema.

At 4:15 she calls to say that they have found leakages in the windscreen and hence the car is not ready. So the person shouldnt come and the car will have to stay over becase they cant fix it.They cant fix it "because it's past 4 and we have closed" and "we dont work on weekends".

I suggest that since i've been so inconvenienced and someone is already half way there they could at least spare a few more minutes to finish with my car, She responds "i dont know who will stay here to do that job because we live far away in Accra...". 

This morning i call her - note, i had to call her - and she says, (and this is word for word) "i was even trying to call you... the car would have been ready by now, but when they took it to the washing bay someone used something to hit it..." i exclaim... "yes, it's not serious, someone just used their car to hit the back so we have even decided to fix it for you that's why it's taking time."

And that is how i was informed of the damage to my car. When i asked her to put me thru to a more senior (read intelligent) person, she got offended. Ha!

Anyways, the car wasnt bashed by another car, it had picked up a scratch from someone's carelessness which they were fixing. I'm calm till i see it tomorrow. But the point is, there are obviously more sensible and sensitive staff. So why is this twit the interface between you and your customers?

Sunday, July 8, 2012