Monday, June 2, 2008

Prof. Soyinka and some football

figured today would go pretty slowly... up until the point where i got to watch the GH Blackstars kick Libyan bum. long story short: 3 goals to nothing. pretty good start for the world cup qualifiers if you ask me, considering the fact that they've got a way of just letting it slip sometimes... and Monsieur Le roi's recent departure. Ahem. no comment... i mean we could comment, about how he denied applying for the South African coaching job, even after the SA officials confirmed it; or how it would've been better for us to kick him out just then instead of giving him the luxury of resigning. "i was fired would've sounded much better than i resigned" in this case. but like i said, no comment.

so 'twas essentially the full complement squad in the hands of a local coach, and a vibrant home crowd. That seemed to do it. the support at the stadium was massive -home ground advantage - and the Ashanti King in attendance. point is, they've got the jump start with their first win, hopefully success wont elude them in getting to to the world cup! that'd be a first right? having a local coach take the GH team to the world cup? question is, will he get the job if he succeeds in getting 'em thru the qualifiers safely? or will the team be bundled up and handed to the next foreign applicant? je ne sais pas. i dont want to care actually... makes my head hurt.

Also had the pleasure of watching an interview with Prof. Wole Soyinka earlier today, that Kwaku sakyi-addo conducted.

The Prof turned out to be even more fascinating than i'd anticipated. key points i got from that humorous yet stimulating interview? he's a brilliant, self made man who considers himself not so much a rebel as a creative mind who stands for what he believes. he hasnt cut his hair since 1955, and his favourite pass-time, apart from being a wine connoisseur, is taking his "gun for a walk". his own words. He also truly cannot be bothered about animal activists. and their views on hunting for food. a sentiment i share, support and admire from my innermost reachings. Great man. Simply cannot wait to meet him. surely that would make for a riveting post, no?

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