Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Countdown to debate number 2

It's 00:40hrs GMT here and i'm up waiting for the most exciting event since the VP candidate debate last week... more on that later. During the last debate the host had a hard time getting the 2 candidates, Barack and John, to look at each other and actually "debate" each other. Mccain virtually ended up avoiding looking at Obama, and frankly it was all too friendly and courteous. I was looking for a raging argument... but that never happened. This TIME magazine cartoon says it all.

Well, guess what? i have a feeling things are going to be quite different tonight based on the sort of attacks and accusations which have been thrown during the past week. Oh, it's been shocking and i cant wait to see how these gentlemen will face each other tonight, knowing exactly what the other has said about them on various campaign platforms during the week. And then there's going to be live questioning from an audience? Oh this is going to be good. Infact i'm willing to bet that it will get confrontational... in a dignified and gentlemanly sort of way. You know?

Well, both candidates are at the venue, putting the final touches to their arguments i suppose... and we've got barely 12 minutes to go now. So, being totally original- like i usually am- let's get ready to rumble!  

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