Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christian Bale? Who... Batman?

If you havent heard by now... and i find that quite hard to believe, Chhristian Bale, the actor who played Batman in the Dark Knight had a "little" temper imbalance on the set of Terminator - his upcoming movie.

He properly told off the DP (director of Photography) who apparently was walking thru a scene he was shooting. Never has one man managed to fit so many F words into 7 minutes. But that's not where this is going. Everyone throws major tantrums now and then right? but what strikes me is the fact that it made news on CNN. yeah, that's right CNN.

Why would CNN carry it as a news story? well probably because within minutes of the tantrum's audio clip going public on, it became a social phenomenon - And a very wide spread one indeed. The TMZ site was bombarded with visitors in a matter of minutes of their breaking the audio clip; and in a jolt there had been uploads to youtube. The one i saw on youtube had already had 141,385 views, in just 19hours!

There were tweets about it on twitter - which is how i found out about it in the first place, and tcritic already had tee shirts for sale! (

His fan pages on facebook had new members joining up in droves and discussion posts around the topic, mostly in his defence. 

All this in a matter of hours. The beauty of social media, from twitter to youtube and to facebook is that it has began to herald news. it's removing the traditional staleness and formality of news and reflecting what people really want to talk about - Serious or trivial. 

When the plane crash-landed in the Hudson a couple of weeks ago, within minutes the news had spread in a wildfire of twitter retweets. It ended in a culmination of a wide net of information from a broad base of eyewitnesses, rescuers, the rescued, and us onlookers. 

Generation Y has taken control of the medium and converted it not just into a form of self expression, but a funnel into which various attitudes, and perceptions, views and reactions can merge into a pool of community in diversity. And the beautiful thing about it is that this is only the beginning.  Imagine what the future holds... and it's just around the corner. 

I leave you with just one of the many marks of the beauty and ingenuity this new form of expression offers us: a dance remix to the infamous Bale tantrum. Enjoy!

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