Wednesday, March 24, 2010

here we go again

For the first time this year, i will attempt to go back to blogging. Inspired by the Ad Contrarian and other less sensible ones that i really enjoy, i dont see why i shouldnt give the world my gift of the gab. it's not all about me, it's about you guys. i'm doing it for the greater good. yeah, right.

that's exactly what i was thinking when i stumbled upon this story here. I dont think i have heard any BS quite like this in a long time, apart from when my mechanic gives me reasons about why he hasnt finished with my car... or why he hasnt even showed up to pick it up..

But who am i to judge? It is indeed possible that she did get the TATTOO - ie, unremovable permanent source of shame - on her wrist because she was so devoted to this company that the only thing she felt she could do to prove that dedication was to get a tattoo. On the way to that inspiring decision however, she bypassed umm, let me see... actually doing better work that would boost the company's performance, devoting all her time to the services of the company - you know, working longer days and weekends, without pay - umm, what else? Volunteer work for the company she all so adored?

Or maybe she just did it cuz she thought... it's a 1000 dollars dammit. what the hell? i've done worse things for NO money before!! Ahem. You decide.

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Dodzi said...

At long last! you're back! your sense of wit is pure delight to my sarcastic soul. encore, encore.